Water Safety Kits

Water Safety Kits act as a tool to share the water safety message and encourage the recipient to implement a water safety plan into their homes. Each kit will provide two valuable layers of protection as well as community resources. Many Florida residents are new to the area and do not recognize drowning as an issue. The kits will educate the families and/or caregivers about the risk factors related to drowning and how they can keep their families safe. The kits would make a perfect gift for a baby shower, a child’s birthday, and/or a housewarming gift. 

What is included in the kit: Door Chime, Water Watcher Tag, CPR information, community resources, and easy-to-follow water safety tips. 

The kits are perfect for everyone, providing two layers of protection for caregivers. These kits would be great for a neighbor with young children, a grandparent, a new client, or even a colleague at work. Drowning Prevention is everyone’s responsibility! 

No one knows what one conversation about water safety can do, it causes a ripple effect! 12 years after Edna Mae’s death, we still hear the impact and the lives that were most likely saved because they heard about Em’s story. 

Our goal is to partner with local realtors, pool industry professionals, and pediatricians encouraging them to include these kits as part of their service to new clients. 

Water Safety Kits