SPLASH: Students Preventing Loss and Spreading Hope.

SPLASH was created after Shannon and Cassie discussed how they could impact the next generation. We found that if a parent does not know how to swim or has a fear of the water, in most cases that parent will pass along that fear to their child. That child will be a parent one day and the cycle will occur again.

SPLASH stands for Students Preventing Loss and Spreading Hope.

The SPLASH Club will focus on character development, public speaking skills, and career development opportunities. It focuses on what advocacy means and how they can become advocates for what they believe in. Everyone has something they want to change or improve- we will help.

Students will gain advocacy and leadership skills while educating them on the importance of water safety. 

For every teen that joins and wants to learn to swim, we will provide them a scholarship to learn. For every teen committed to the club, we will provide a CPR demonstration class.  For teens that excel within the club, the McGovern Foundation will provide them with a Lifeguard Certification Scholarship. For every hour the teen commits to the SPLASH club, they also receive a service hour. 

SPLASH: Students Preventing Loss and Spreading Hope.